Playboy Rehab

Playboy Rehab. Those words stayed engraved in my mind as I watched her walk away. Maybe it was for the gentle, angelic, near-sonorous voice with which she had said them. How could she hold her composure amidst the burning anger which I know she must have been feeling? How could she be so angry and yet stay so gentle? I mean she had to be angry right? Who wouldn’t be after catching her boyfriend pants-down with her twin sister? Damn, I done fucked up beyond remedy this time, which is all the more reason why the gentility in her demeanour freaks the fucking shit out of me. Thinking back, I still can’t tell if I would have done things any differently. Call me whatever you want but there’s no taking from the fact that Kim sure knew her way around an erection.

Camp Fire

The first time I caught a glimpse of her it was in slow motion. Silly as it sounds, believe me when I tell you I literally saw the fingers of the wind shift the luscious strands of her synthetic weave, revealing the most beautiful pair of eyes I’d ever seen. It didn’t take more than... Continue Reading →


This morning was unlike any I’ve had in my 22 years, 3 months, 2 weeks and 4 days on this planet. I woke up to the sound of a loud ruckus in my neighbourhood following a short series of thunderous crashes which abruptly interrupted not only my sleep but cut short the titanium-esque turgidity of... Continue Reading →


TOUGH LOVE 2 -  [JUPITER’S COCK]There was no longer anything mini about Quincy’s mini-me. In fact, the clause ‘no longer’ used in the last sentence seems entirely out of place, since his amadi had now reached miraculous lengths. Quincy felt like going to testify to the glory of Orunmila. If only he knew where to... Continue Reading →


As he got deeper into the bush he had a swarm of mixed emotions, the most prominent of them being fear and doubt. Right then he could stand anywhere and boldly claim to know what fear smells like, a stench that was so strong in the air thanks to the massive volumes of adrenalin pumping... Continue Reading →


Alcohol in the system, eyes wide shut. Joe could hear the ruckus going on around him but he couldn’t make any coherence with all the information he received from his senses. More so, he didn’t seem to remember how he got to where he found himself at the moment. His perception got clearer just enough... Continue Reading →


This was actually written while the NLC strike was on, pardon the delay in posting (I been no get money go cafe). WARNING: the piece you're about reading has a shit load of disturbing and classified content. If you're the conservative type #CLICKHERE for an overdose of FUCKYOSELFULVIN™. ****************************** Greetings humans, am I the only... Continue Reading →

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